• On the “macro-level,” ArtSpark launched the ArtsLP (Arts Listening Project) in 2013, working with communities to create sustainable and thriving “arts ecosystems.”  The ArtsLP includes non-traditional stakeholders like environmental advocates, the faith community, agriculture, government, businesses and funders/philanthropists, to identify new opportunities and resources.  The ArtsLP interconnects rural, urban and regional arts ecosystems, contributing a fresh approach to community planning, using technology in an interactive way to track data, archive resources and support emergent creative/artistic initiatives.
  • On the “micro-level,” ArtSpark facilitates and collaborates with individual artists, artisans, designers, and arts and culture organizations to better their business practices like branding and marketing, online communication skills like using Twitter to develop their audience, and developing fundraising plans that cultivate devoted patrons and customers.  ArtSpark provides training, technical assistance and peer support in communities in New Mexico and California, including ongoing in-person events in ABQ for artists and other creatives on the current opportunities and challenges in the arts.


The ArtsLP is made possible by a grant from the McCune Charitable Foundation
and from generous contributions via ArtSpark friends and supporters. Thank you all!


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