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We now know our vision and mission better than ever before. We now feel like we can adequately translate that business knowledge into a language that other professionals need to best serve us (such cost vs. revenue) so we can continue to best serve our clients.




MJ Vargas and Vanessa Lewinger

New Life Birth Services, LLC

The Artist Business Canvas proved to be a powerful tool to get me thinking in all kinds of new ways.  It has served as a working map to guide me in these early stages of my new venture, and I continue to use it on a regular basis.  And I plan to continue using it as my business evolves and grows.



Celeste Walther

Founder / Owner, Cielo Vintage Design and Décor

The [Artist Business Canvas] workshop gave me a language with which to organize my hitherto jumbled ideas about my future as an artist. …I’ve been able to develop some habits around publication, marketing and sales of my work that were almost too confusing to approach in years past. That is a huge gift, and one I’ll always be grateful for.

Andrew Fearnside


I found the [Artist Business] canvas and the workshop very helpful and developing a strategic plan for the future. I used the canvas with my staff in order to get their perspectives on the program and added them to my own to build a more complete picture.  We are changing the way that we fund what we are doing and I wanted to get stakeholder input.

Deborah Brink

Arts Adventure Director

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