Chaz Bojoquez courtesy of 516ARTS

Chaz Bojoquez
courtesy of 516ARTS

The next round of STREET ARTS: A Celebration of Hip Hop Culture & Free Expression launches this week (Nov 4-7) with a whole roster of events for SHOUT OUT: A Festival of Rhythm and Rhyme, co-curated by 516 ARTS and Idris Goodwin (playwright, break beat poet and indie rapper extraordinaire). Co-presenters are the ACLU-NM and the one and only Outpost Performance Space.

Kickoff is Thursday, November 4th, at the Outpost Performance Space with Dafnis Prieto and the Proverb Trio. This is followed by the “516 Words”event at 516 ARTS on Friday with guest artists Kevin Coval and Amalia Ortiz + NM poets Carlos Contreras, Sina Aurelia Soul & Tanaya Winder, with music by DJ Philos.

The festival’s signature performance is this Saturday, November 7, at the Outpost Performance Space, featuring greats Cecil Taylor and Amiri Baraka + Idris Goodwin and New Mexico Remix + Zach Freeman – all emcee’d by ABQ’s own Hakim Bellamy.

Wait! Don’t stop now… on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. the Church of Beethoven is hosting a totally unique mix (who thought of this?!) of beatboxing and classical music with performances by members of the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra and poet Saywut?!

So forget work, forget getting to bed early, forget Sunday brunch with your in-laws… this is an extremely rare opportunity to see some of hip hop poetry’s best + extraordinary musicians. GO!

P.S. One way to get a $5 discount on Saturday’s signature performance at the Outpost is to take advantage of donating to 516 ARTS/STREET ARTS. Check out the details here.