Spark #2 by Ginger Beringer

In addition to finding out what worked/didn’t work for Michelle Otero’s ArtSpark campaign, she also gave us some suggestions for improving future ArtSpark campaigns. All good advice for upcoming ArtSpark artists and arts organizations. Thanks Michelle!

1. More assistance and training on how to raise $ using social media (Facebook & Twitter), including microfunding.

2. How to use Twitter effectively as an artist.

3. More ways to engage with other artists’ creative processes, especially other “ArtSparkers” and local artists.

4. More experience and exposure using internet and social media tools, including the opportunity to create another ArtSpark campaign.

5. More knowledge and experience re: cross-posting blogs and social media (Michelle noticed that when there was cross-posting during her campaign her blog traffic went up).

6. Training and coaching on how to read AND use analytics, both Google analytics and Facebook insights.

7. A “how-to” template of tools and directions on creating an ArtSpark campaign.

Great ideas. I would add a few other items from ArtSpark’s perspective, including;

1. Coordinating and leveraging online and in-person events.

2. Ongoing support and networking/collaboration among ArtSpark artists and arts organizations.

3. Next-level training and technical assistance re: internet and social media tools for artists.

4. An easy and seamless way for individual artists (who are not nonprofits) to raise $ from their fans.

Luckily, several of these suggestions are in the works, namely more ArtSpark get-togethers and upcoming training from ArtSpark’s tech partner in San Francisco, AspirationTech. We are also continually barking up the tree of payment mechanisms for individual artists (and it’s looking better and better with payment sources like Dwolla).

Michelle’s suggestion for a template on how to create an ArtSpark campaign is at the top of our list. It’s what we’re learning about and hope to produce since we’re working with more artists and arts organizations here in ABQ. Until then, our blog posts are a good way to learn more and blast ahead with your own campaign.