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Guest Blog: Deborah Gavel on Kickstarter, Part I

Deborah Gavel, one of ArtSpark’s artists, writes in this post about her experiences around her successful Kickstarter campaign. Thanks Deborah for your behind-the-scenes view! “Recently, I read an essay by a brilliant woman who is in part one of the original thinkers about the gift economy. Her name is Genevieve Vaughan, she writes that it […]

"OMG, OMG" by Deborah Gavel

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Kickstarter campaigns!

Kickstarter is a good friend of ArtSpark these days. Three (!) ArtSpark artists have been invited to post a Kickstarter campaign recently: Deborah Gavel, Art of The Song/Creativity Radio (coming soon) and One Million Bones (also coming soon). Deborah Gavel’s campaign ended April 2nd and her artist residency was funded 111%. Congratulations Deborah! ArtSpark worked […]