Spectogram fun on the patio

It was a great day. Thirteen people arrived on time (!) to Creative ABQ‘s space for a full-day Online Media Skills Workshop facilitated by the inspiring and knowledgeable Matt Garcia from Aspiration Tech in SF, CA. A combo of arts organizations and individual artists made for lots of learning and experience-sharing around all things social media and online communications. The workshop was fun and very hands on; we learned how to create a publishing matrix to manage our online communication and also a message calendar to keep on track.

Here are some of the tweets and key learnings from the workshop:

  • “social media is not the world – don’t tweet just to tweet, keep your mission in mind.”
  • “reach means nothing without communication.”
  • “online channels are a trust relationship.”
  • “talking to everyone is talking to no one.”
  • piwik.org is an open source alternative to google analytics.
  • bit.ly URL shortener also has analytics, and you can set up a channel.
  • A Publishing Matrix is a grid that lays out an organization’s online channels as well as the content it publishes on each channel.
  • Campaign Calendar is a scheduled set of dates with planned email messages, online actions and other engagements that you maintain across a campaign.
  • Characterize your online campaign calendar as a story that spans your timeline.

There’s more to come. In early August, Matt will follow up with our group via conf call or Skype, touching base on any s-t-r-e-t-c-h goals participants might have set for themselves (like sticking to a social media and blogging calendar – that’s ArtSpark’s stretch goal).

Thanks to all for such magnificent participation and energy! Until we meet again (soon)…