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ArtSpark and Aspiration Tech team up in SF this week!

Hola from ArtSpark in San Francisco!  We’re here with our amazing tech partner, Aspiration Tech, to co-host two events this week on how artists and arts organizations can sustain their work with online and in-person sustainability strategies (e.g., audience development and engagement, community participation, fundraising, networks/partnerships, etc.).  Two “ArtSparkers” from […]

Spark 4

Enter 2012!!!

It’s been three (3!) years since ArtSpark was hatched (for real) rather than remaining a vision and aspiration.  Every year we’ve had triumphs and mistakes, yet ArtSpark has stayed true to its mission of “igniting widespread creative expression.”  The wild state of U.S. and global systems (economy, politics, education, healthcare, […]