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(Please forgive the re-post! This post did not make it through a recent update.)

To sum up our ongoing discussion of LinkedIn and how it relates to the nonprofit art sector and individual artists, artisans, designers, writers, and other creatives, we at ArtSpark have compiled a few resources that will help you put your best foot forward on this professional networking site.

In this excellent post that has 9 tips for using LinkedIn as an artist (whichever type you identify as), you’ll find some basic suggestions and a few rare gems of advice. My favorite is #7, which basically says:  if you are someone who has a Twitter account, make sure that you link it to your LinkedIn page only if you have a good repertoire that is mostly business oriented. If you’re like me, still learning how to surf the waves of this new and interesting online community, take your time and link your profiles only when you feel you’ve mastered the art of Tweeting.

This next resource is a rather lengthy review of the benefits of using LinkedIn for Professional Artists. The gist of this blog post is that LinkedIn is an “ongoing professional networking event,” as John Math, the post’s author states, versus what I’ve heard Twitter referred to as: “a large party where you drift back and forth between several marked social groups.” So, how would you choose to show up at a business event? And also, how can you translate these same characteristics onto a virtual panel? Show up with your best attire (have nice graphics and pictures), have a smile on your face (choose a clean and representative picture of yourself or your business logo), and carry your portfolio (display your artwork professionally)!

The last piece of the puzzle is how to network strategically with other artists. Check out these best practices in connecting with artists on LinkedIn. The last tip is invaluable, as it contains specific information about the Behance Art Portfolio app that is available (and very useful!) on LinkedIn – it allows you to use your creative expression, even while “conforming” to the specific format on LinkedIn’s site.

We welcome any questions and ideas that you may have about the process of LinkedIn for you, as an Artist and Creative!