ArtsLP's Success in Silver City!

ArtSpark’s Arts Listening Project travelled to Silver City on November 15, 2013 and we are happy to say we had a great a turnout and a very lively  event.  The ArtsLP seeks to discover how to best support artists, artisans, designers, and other creatives in different communities by facilitating dialogues across a wide spectrum on diverse community stakeholders.  In Silver City, a total of 15 people participated, and all 14 stakeholder categories were represented (with one additional community member/advocate). To the left is the ArtsLP model that depicts these stakeholder categories. A lot of different perspectives and viewpoints were shared throughout the

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Resource ThuRsdays: Linked In #3, Best Practices for Artists

(Please forgive the re-post! This post did not make it through a recent update.) To sum up our ongoing discussion of LinkedIn and how it relates to the nonprofit art sector and individual artists, artisans, designers, writers, and other creatives, we at ArtSpark have compiled a few resources that will help you put your best foot forward on this professional networking site. In this excellent post that has 9 tips for using LinkedIn as an artist (whichever type you identify as), you’ll find some basic suggestions and a few rare gems of advice. My favorite is #7, which basically says:

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Resource ThuRsdays: Linked In #2, for Nonprofit Organizations

(This post got deleted through an update to our website, so please excuse the double-post!) It is fascinating seeing and interacting with so many people in the arts and culture nonprofit sector. Though the focus of their philanthropy or awareness-raising work varies, their mission was always the same: create art & inspire others, truly connect with communities and individuals needed to make the creativeproject happen, make a plan & a budget, find funding, somehow pull it all off, make a difference, and then… repeat! What’s at the heart of all successful arts and culture projects in the nonprofit arena? Artists,

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Resource ThuRsdays: Linked In #1

“No man is an island,” goes the saying by John Donne. As collaborative artists, I’m sure that this goes without saying for most of you. And yes, we all know that networking is important. When we’re engaging in networking, however, what exactly are we talking about? Opportunities? Possibilities? Projects? Money? Timelines?  Your skills? Central to these conversations is the conveying that we as artists are CAPABLE of doing the work we’re called to. This is where Linked In comes in as an excellent platform that mimics an interactive online resume, allowing you to show the world that you indeed are

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Resource ThuRsday ArtSpark/Aspiration Workshop @Working Classroom

Here are the proceedings/materials from the ArtSpark/Aspiration workshop for artists, artisans and arts organizations hosted by Working Classroom in ABQ on July 27th, 2013. All sorts of goodies organized on including Jessica’s presentation, tips and infographics on crowdfunding for the arts, twitter feed and other Resource ThuRsday content. Enjoy!!