Resource ThuRsday ArtSpark/Aspiration Workshop @Working Classroom

Here are the proceedings/materials from the ArtSpark/Aspiration workshop for artists, artisans and arts organizations hosted by Working Classroom in ABQ on July 27th, 2013. All sorts of goodies organized on including Jessica’s presentation, tips and infographics on crowdfunding for the arts, twitter feed and other Resource ThuRsday content. Enjoy!!

A Kickstarter Rollercoaster Ride

This is a long post, I know, but so worth the read! Congratulations to Reba Hasko, an extraordinary performer (singer/songwriter could describe her but, hey, she’s more than that) who just succeeded at funding her campaign on  Reba and her fans raised $9333 in 30 days to finance the recording and pressing of her third album with Devin Greenwood at The Honey Jar studios in Brooklyn, NY. I met Reba here in ABQ after she blew me away with her performance style and artistic excellence.  We chatted quite a bit about ArtSpark and the promise of micro/crowdfunding sites like

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Guest Blog: Deborah Gavel, Part 2

A Trip to Gratitude. That’s what it felt like at the Morris Graves estate. The Lake, as it is known, is a dense forest of redwood trees, some 800 years old, standing around a body of water that was created in the 1700’s during an earthquake. I came to think of this view from “my” studio windows as an infinite bowl of tea. The deep greens of the forest trees and fiddlehead ferns reflect into the lake water and create a continuous mirroring of dark, wet, fertile. A row boat docked outside the studio became my cradle in this circle

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Guest Blog: Deborah Gavel on Kickstarter, Part I

Deborah Gavel, one of ArtSpark’s artists, writes in this post about her experiences around her successful Kickstarter campaign. Thanks Deborah for your behind-the-scenes view! “Recently, I read an essay by a brilliant woman who is in part one of the original thinkers about the gift economy. Her name is Genevieve Vaughan, she writes that it is a possibility that the origin of the word “community” comes from an old word, “muni,” meaning gift. She thinks that community could translate to mean co-gifting each other. Isn’t that a lovely thought? When my Kickstarter project launched March 1st, I didn’t have the

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Kickstarter campaigns!

Kickstarter is a good friend of ArtSpark these days. Three (!) ArtSpark artists have been invited to post a Kickstarter campaign recently: Deborah Gavel, Art of The Song/Creativity Radio (coming soon) and One Million Bones (also coming soon). Deborah Gavel’s campaign ended April 2nd and her artist residency was funded 111%. Congratulations Deborah! ArtSpark worked with Deborah Gavel and then John Dillon and Viv Nesbitt (Art of The Song/Creativity Radio) to develop their Kickstarter campaigns. Now Deborah is helping Naomi Natale with One Million Bones’ campaign. We’ve all learned a lot. ArtSpark will be convening a gathering soon to share

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