Deborah Gavel and Emma

ArtSpark’s just thrilled to announce that painter Deborah Gavel has been accepted by the Morris Graves Foundation for an artist residency in May. The residency is by invitation only and Deborah will actually work in Morris Grave‘s studio, “The Lake,” known for it’s solitude and beauty. Deborah writes that her focus will be “a collage series with drawings, a continuation of the Philatelic works I showed in Rota Fortunae.

Morris Graves' studio - "The Lake"

Deborah’s an artist from ArtSpark’s “inaugural” class (check out the blog post we did for her beautiful show, Rota Fortunae, this past summer). She’s cooking up inspiration and ideas for how ArtSpark and her community can support and connect with her along the way, and we’ll collaborate on a campaign full of ways to get involved with this truly amazing artist. Stay tuned!