Writing in Oaxaca by Henry Rael

It’s the day of Michelle Otero’s hard-won Chocolate Fiesta. During her deep dive into writing her memoir, Vessels, Michelle gave up chocolate for two months. It was her devotion to her creative process. Concerned friends and family thought that chocolate was way too much to give up (around Christmas, no less!), yet many of us signed up to practice our own brand of devotion to Michelle and her writing during December and January: weaving, doing yoga, writing music everyday, giving up television, practicing creativity regularly, reading poetry, faithfully washing the dishes. Even one brave soul joined Michelle in abstaining from chocolate…

Now the draft of Vessels is complete and it’s time to CELEBRATE. One part of Michelle’s ArtSpark campaign was to have a chocolate party where she will also read from Vessels. Great idea. I suggested that someone else coordinate and host the party, and that others bring chocolate (instead of pulling off the event solo which is an artist trap, for sure, as we often host and cater our own events at our own expense). Once again, Michelle’s community stepped up and I’m looking forward, very much, to celebrating Michelle together over yummy tortilla soup, red wine and, of course, all sorts of chocolate.

Check in to ArtSpark’s blog next Tuesday, March 1st, for an in-depth account of Michelle’s quite successful ArtSpark campaign. (WARNING: this upcoming blog post will most likely include pictures of chocolate and revelry…)

Balloon Man by Ginger Beringer