Matt Garcia!

The ArtSpark community gathered in August, 2011, to follow up on social media comings and goings via a webinar with Matt Garcia from Aspiration Tech.  We explored online messaging and engagement, particularly via social media channels.  Here’s some of what we learned (thank you Matt and ArtSparkers!):

  • Email blasts are more powerful/engaging if they are:  1) easy to read; 2) have short, sweet and to-the-point content; 3) have a “donate” button (at the top of the email, not the bottom); 4) contain one clear “ask” (e.g., call to action); 5) have an irresistible subject line.  Another thing to remember is that all social media is focused on email capture ~ so email is definitely a best practice and it is also “tool agnostic.”
  • Twitter:  1) including an “ask” is good; 2) just listening on Twitter can be very valuable; 3) offering content and links engages browsers (potential followers) and followers; 4) asking questions also engages people in the Twittersphere; 5) Twitter Support is full of great resources, including a Twitter glossary.
  • Facebook:  1) open questions invite conversation; 2) “asks” work well in FB feeds; 3) Facebook still stands out as a way to have conversations in one place/space (but look this also in Google+); 4) use the @ symbol to mention someone or an organization on FB; 5) use comments as a place to offer more info and resources (FB algorithm gives weight to comment threads).

We all look forward to another one of Matt’s webinars scheduled for October 20th (topic: online metrics/analytics).  Tally ho!