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One of the absolutely best parts of ArtSpark’s world is gathering great information from a wide variety of great people.

Starting today, we’re launching “Resource ThuRsdays,” a weekly post featuring a couple of hand-picked resources pertaining to #artists, #arts, #sustainability, #fundraising, #socialmedia, #analytics, #technology, and other #coolstuff.  We’ll add our 2-cents, which may include “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” depending on the ThuRsday.  We also welcome guest posts, so please climb on board with your own resources, ideas and opinions (including comments).

ArtSpark Resource ThuRsday for February 28, 2013:

Beth Kanter

1.  Beth Kanter’s slides from a webinar by this morning on “Simple Steps for Measuring Social Media Results” – Beth’s take on measuring the impact of social media for nonprofits is unparalleled, IMO, and the suggestions are equally sound for artists.  Really liked her “crawl, walk, run, fly” approach throughout the presentation.  There may be a recording to go with the slides, so stay tuned…



Stephanie Bleyer

2.  Post by Stephanie Bleyer released yesterday (2.27) on Creative Capital‘s blog:  “How to Raise Funds for Your Socially Engaged Project, Part 3: Funding from Other Sources.”  This GREAT blog post is astute and passionate.  Stephanie also gets it from an artist perspective since she’s a filmmaker. Especially enjoyed her take on crowdfunding (she doesn’t like it because it takes so much time) and her suggestion to check out grantmaker affinity groups.