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Pls RT: @ArtSpark searching for the #perfect #parttime #Volunteer #associate thru 12/13. Is it #you? http://t.co/njdweDubqH

— Kristine Maltrud (@ArtSpark) August 9, 2013

ArtSpark is searching for a part-time volunteer associate to assist with very cool initiatives through December.  This is NOT your average volunteer position or internship! Our volunteers don’t make coffee or fetch donuts. This will be a challenging position, and you will be a real member of the team.  You will also learn real skills that will be valuable in the real world.

It’s an opportunity to develop and hone your skills around online communications (including social media), audience development/engagement and fundraising (including crowdfunding via kickstarter.com, indiegogo.org, etc.).

Please contact kristine@art-spark.org if you’re interested and we’ll send you a volunteer description and an overview of the initiatives you’ll likely be involved in!