ArtsLP main graphic

ArtSpark’s Arts Listening Project travelled to Silver City on November 15, 2013 and we are happy to say we had a great a turnout and a very lively  event.  The ArtsLP seeks to discover how to best support artists, artisans, designers, and other creatives in different communities by facilitating dialogues across a wide spectrum on diverse community stakeholders.  In Silver City, a total of 15 people participated, and all 14 stakeholder categories were represented (with one additional community member/advocate). To the left is the ArtsLP model that depicts these stakeholder categories.

A lot of different perspectives and viewpoints were shared throughout the day, which started with an extensive dialogue in the morning around the statement  “Silver City is a community that does a good job supporting the arts.”  The group spent the rest of the day identifying which elements of their existing “arts ecosystem” are working and which are missing; voting on six “big ideas” to concentrate on; and, developing solutions and action items related to those “big ideas.”

This event was hosted by the Seedboat Center for the Arts and Gallery – a beautiful space conducive to creative thinking.  The Mimbres Regional Arts Council organized the event and was very successful in pulling together the right group of people/stakeholders.  THANK YOU!

This event “sparked” next steps for the group to organize around as they continue to create a “thriving arts ecosystem” for the Silver City/Grant County region. Check out the slideshow and video clips below, and stay tuned for more details about Silver City and the ArtsLP process.  Finally, please share your own impressions, ideas and thoughts!

HERE’S a video clip from the day (password is Silver City)