oyaMAM_20130526-133852v - Riverhead N.Y.Community Mosaic Street Painting Festival 2013

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It is fascinating seeing and interacting with so many people in the arts and culture nonprofit sector. Though the focus of their philanthropy or awareness-raising work varies, their mission was always the same: create art & inspire others, truly connect with communities and individuals needed to make the creativeproject happen, make a plan & a budget, find funding, somehow pull it all off, make a difference, and then… repeat!

What’s at the heart of all successful arts and culture projects in the nonprofit arena? Artists, donors, collaborators, students, volunteers, community members, and nonprofit board members – all the very movers and shakers, themselves! Just like with traditional business networking, nonprofit success, as a whole, is largely dependent upon the working relationships that the leaders and Board Members have with the communities, partners, and donors they work with. These relationships are nurtured through real communication, not just straight business talk. It is human nature to want to help the people who are spearheading the efforts and/or participate in the actual creative project when the overall mission resonates with our own value system. And the intrinsic value of art is part of all human culture and communities.! It is all about connection and Linked In recognizes that, through important new features that help arts and culture nonprofit leaders more effectively identify new board members, new donors/supporters, etc.  Plus LinkedIn has a networking group for arts organizations that “encourages discussion, sharing, and brainstorming for arts organizations working to build new relationships and partnerships that will strengthen the entire arts community.”

This is basic info, so far – what’s brilliant, is that LinkedIn has taken this information and made it possible to participate these very same types of nonprofit networking/relationship-building that is at the heart of any large-scale project online. This article is an excellent resource on how nonprofit organizations, both large and small, can utilize LinkedIn for fundraising and important new connections.

Please tell us, do you plan on using LinkedIn as a nonprofit board member or leader? ArtSpark is a great forum for nonprofits to share with and learn from each other!