You’ve been a Spark for Good!

Thank you for helping us ignite something amazing.

Very happily, we announce that ArtSpark’s Fourth Birthday Bash was a success! Thanks to the many contributors and participants, our event, where we gathered to celebrate YOU, went off without a hitch. We hope that you’ll find the spirit of the event captured in the slideshow above. Photographer Guadalupe Chavez graciously engaged the crowd and beautifully captured the essence of the night. We were also lucky enough to receive a visit from Antonio Ramon from Albuquerque the Magazine, who has also contributed some photos you’ll see above!

As the evening began, aerialist performer, Kaeti Frady, and musician, Monica Demarco, set the tempo with their ambient performance on trapeze and cello. Guests sipped on ArtBar’s signature cocktails perfectly paired with Kelly Cooper’s  “Cookies for GrownUps” that were so thoughtfully prepared by Charles Jaeger. True to its “3-ring circus” impetus, the event featured a slideshow that highlighted ArtSpark’s progress over the past four years, a Dance on Film loop that featured dancer/choreographers Kristine Maltrud and Evangel King, and visual art displayed throughout the Bar by Burgy and Jill Christian.

Several lucky individuals were randomly selected to win door-prizes from some of our amazing business and funding partners:  Accion, Betty’s Day Spa, Torinos @ Home, 3B Yoga, Farina Pizzeria, Zendo, Whole Foods Market, Staples, Bookworks, the McCune Charitable Foundation, Working Classroom, and the Center of Southwest Culture. The questions they answered to be entered in the drawing will contribute to our growing database used for the ArtsLP (Arts Listening Project) currently taking place in Albuquerque and Silver City, NM, and San Francisco, CA. The night was concluded with stunning solo performances by Kaeti Frady, this time suspended with aerial fabric, and Monica Demarco, with piano and vocals. It truly was creative expression at its best.

Whether or not you made it to our fun and joyful Fourth Birthday Bash, we genuinely appreciate your support and look forward to what ArtSpark’s fifth year has in store for ART in our communities.

p.s. if you have photos from the event to share, please post them on ArtSpark’s Facebook page.  Thanks!