ce-workshop-8787One of the BEST activities during the Artist Business Canvas Course is the Gallery Walk.  The Gallery Walk activity is at the end of the course, and it’s where participants can share their canvases with one another, including the option to receive feedback or ask questions.  For example, it’s a great way to ask for help if you got stuck somewhere when building your canvas or to receive answers to questions like, “This is a customer segment I never thought of because I usually think of them only as a key partners, but maybe it’s a possibility.  What do you think?”

The Gallery Walk works best when it’s a small group activity, say with 4-6 course participants.  With small groups there’s more time for each person’s canvas and to dive in more deeply.  We’re excited to experiment with how this will work in the online space, and what kind of technology will work best… technology that allows for interaction and conversation, for sure, plus good capacity to share visually.  If you have used a platform or software than has worked great for this type of activity, please let us know by commenting on this post.  THANKS!