The ArtSpark Business Canvas for Organizations and Institutions

We hear from many arts and culture organizations and institutions that they want to assist the creative people they serve, but often can’t because of capacity and resources. The ArtSpark Business Canvas is a straightforward solution to the hurdles faced by the creative sector.

ArtSpark fills the gap!  ArtSpark’s flagship product and program, the ArtSpark Business Canvas (ABCanvas), is now available to organizations and institutions both in person and online.

Organizations and institutions can choose from a constellation of products and services with the ArtSpark Business Canvas at the center. The ArtSpark Business Canvas live course is an 8 hour training provided over two non-consecutive days. The ABCanvas is also available remotely, via an online portal. Both in-person and online ABCanvas students can choose to participate in study groups, coaching, events, and peer networking.

If you are interested in bringing the ABCanvas to your organization or institution, please email us at