Opportunities for Artists and Creators

ArtSpark works directly with arts and culture organizations to support their artists, creators or creative entrepreneurs to succeed.  ArtSpark offers training, tools and peer support to grow and make a living on your own terms while staying true to your creative practice. We are committed to empower and equip artists, designers, makers, artisans and creative entrepreneurs to also be creative in building their businesses.

Here are ways individual artists and creators can get involved:

  • Check out ArtSpark’s flagship product and program – The Artist Business Canvas – offered as an online course or in-person retreat.  Please contact us: course@art-spark.org if you’d like to know about upcoming Artist Business Canvas courses and retreats.
  • Share ArtSpark with your favorite arts organizations to sponsor The Artist Business Canvas for YOU and your artist/creator community!
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin for updates and inspiration.
  • Sign up for our monthly email digest for resources and stories of creative livelihood.
  • Check out our calendar below for upcoming events.

If you want more info or have questions, you can also contact us:  info@art-spark.org